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Toasted Pumpernickel

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✿ Striking deep brown leather watch strap
✿ 100% Handmade in Italy
✿ Italian elbamatt leather with a "pull-up" finish
✿ Available in short!

Toasted Pumpernickel
Toasted Pumpernickel

✿ Details

ᕯ Strap thickness: 2.5mm
ᕯ Material: All-natural Italian Elbamatt leather
ᕯ Lining: Nubuck leather
ᕯ Stitching: Matching
ᕯ Edging: Cut
ᕯ Finish: Pull-Up
ᕯ Texture: Smooth
ᕯ Buckle: Stainless steel

The 4 Types of Elbamatt Finishes

ᕯ "Natural" - No oil is used in the finishing process, giving the straps a classic and natural look.

ᕯ "Oiled" - Each strap is lightly oiled in the final step to protect the leather and enhance color. 

ᕯ "Pull-Up" - Each strap is finished with specialty oils. These oils will gather in the creases of the leather — which will create gorgeous color variations and lines over time.

ᕯ "Vintage" -  Each strap is put through a brushing machine one by one. This creates darker halos on the leather which give the straps a vintage look.