What's your return policy?

14 day return policy on unworn items. More info can be found here.

Do you ship outside of the U.S.?

Yup! Check out our shipping rates here.

Why revive an old brand? Why not just start something new?

While it may seem that Welsbro "2.0" is a departure from its original form, we are very much inspired by the heritage of this brand. All the new watches are evolutions of an antique Welsbro piece. By reviving this brand, permission is granted to reimagine the classics.

But mostly, we like breathing new life into things that time forgot. No pun intended. Whether that's a dead brand or deadstock watch parts, it's in our DNA as founders to make old things feel fresh.


Is there a discount for bulk strap orders?

Yes! Buy 3 straps and get 15% off.

How are Welsbro straps different?

We aren't the only company selling luxurious handmade Italian leather straps. But we're the only company selling them at this price. And in so many flavors.

Where are the straps made?

Welsbro straps are 100% handmade in Italy by a family-owned craft workshop. Most of the leather is sourced in Tuscany, while some comes from the famed Horween Leather Company in Chicago.

Do you have any vegan straps?

We will! In late Spring 2022, we will carry a vegan strap. Our goal is to be completely animal-free straps by 2027.

Do you have short straps?

We do! You can filter straps by size ("width") to see what shorts we have.

Do Welsbro straps fit on an Apple watch / Samsung watch?

They can! But you need a strap adapter. We don't sell them here. But happy to point you in the right direction!

So many straps! Can you help me pick?

We'd LOVE to! Shoot us a note at and we're happy to make a recommendation.


Why are Welsbro watches limited release?

Welsbro watches are rare gems. They are assembled by hand (by one watchmaker) using vintage and upcycled Swiss parts. Each collection size is limited by the number of vintage parts we can source. Because of our kitchen size and finite ingredients, our watches are lovingly made in small batches.

Where are the watches made?

All over the globe. Welsbro watches are designed and hand-assembled in Yamaguchi, Japan with vintage Swiss parts. The dials and hands are manufactured in China. The leather straps are handmade in Italy. Everything is packaged in Portland, Oregon. 

Are Welsbro watches new or vintage? I'm confused!

Our Welsbro watches are made with a mix of vintage parts and new parts. The dials and hands (and sometimes cases) are new - which give it that modern look. The movements are vintage or NOS (new old stock). It's upcycling at its yummiest.

Do you sell vintage or antique Welsbro watches?

We do not. We recommend buying the old 'bros on eBay.

Do you sell "ladies" watches?

Our Welsbro watches are un-gendered. If you have a smaller wrist, you may need a short strap. If you have a bigger wrist, you may need a long strap.

Will you ever make more "Lemon Lime" or "Orange Soda" Divers?

We ARE making more divers in the future. Since all of our watches are made with vintage or upcycled parts, we don't have recipes. Each batch is completely unique - depending on the parts we can source.

Can I eat the watches?


Can't find what you're looking for?

Send us an email at or DM us on Instagram.