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Natural Leather Watch Strap

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Color – Chia
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This is our most casual strap.

The Natural Leather Watch Strap has an earthy feel, perfect for everyday wear. Using tree bark and olive leaves, this cowhide leather has been tanned with the ancient vegetable tanning method. This all-natural leather will soften and develop a beautiful patina overtime. Lined with a breathable Nubuck leather, it wears comfortably on the wrist. 100% handmade in Italy.

ᕯ NATURAL FINISH: No oil is used in the finishing process, giving the straps a rustic and raw feel.

✿ Details

ᕯ Strap thickness: 2.5mm
ᕯ Material: All-natural Italian Elbamatt leather
ᕯ Lining: Nubuck leather
ᕯ Stitching: Contrast ecru 
ᕯ Edging: Cut
ᕯ Finish: Natural
ᕯ Texture: Smooth
ᕯ Buckle: Stainless steel

The 4 Types of Elbamatt Finishes

ᕯ "Natural" - No oil is used in the finishing process, giving the straps a classic and natural look.

ᕯ "Oiled" - Each strap is lightly oiled in the final step to protect the leather and enhance color. 

ᕯ "Pull-Up" - Each strap is finished with specialty oils. These oils will gather in the creases of the leather — which will create gorgeous color variations and lines over time.

ᕯ "Vintage" -  Each strap is put through a brushing machine one by one. This creates darker halos on the leather which give the straps a vintage look.