Watch Story - Mutz Automatic

This watch is all about nostalgia. 

♥ Heritage
The Mutz Automatic Watch is inspired by a heritage Welsbro piece from the 1940s (see above). The vintage "bullseye" Welsbro had a beautiful (and unusual for the time) colorway of copper and tan with bold radium filled Arabic numerals. We're stoked to reimagine one of our favorite vintage Welsbros.

Our version, Mutz, remains very much in the image of its predecessor — with a few modern updates. Hand-assembled in Japan, our watchmaker has introduced a larger stainless steel case, a brighter color scheme and an updated "roof" logo. Also included: "papers" artwork by illustrator Oscar Bastidas and two fresh handmade straps from Italy.

But it's not all new. In keeping with the nostalgic theme, Mutz is made with a vintage France Ebauches 4612 movement circa 1975. It is famously the same movement to power up the Heuer ref. 844. Pretty cool that this watch contains a physical piece of history.

♥  Hometown
You might be thinking, What's with the name, Mutz?! This watch collection is rooted in nostalgia for our hometown, STATEN ISLAND. Rich (co-founder of Welsbro) proudly grew up in the North Shore. This watch lovingly honors the island's famous cuisine — where Mutz (mozzarella) is the big cheese. Perfect with olive oil and basil, it makes pies sing and beats the parm in a chicken parm. All pizza rats agree: mutz reigns supreme.