Watch Story - Grape Soda Chronograph

Every Welsbro watch has a food story. This one is inspired by Grape Soda. Each bottle contains multitudes. Enough fizz to burp the alphabet. Sugar high for days. And the distinct, unmistakable taste of purple. YUM.

Now let's talk about the watch. Our Grape Soda is something special; a perfect blend of old and new. Inside is a vintage movement from the 1960s. The industrial case is 100% handmade in Japan by Kenkichi Kumada. Did we mention there are only 4 of these Daddy Purps?!

Also! As a bonus! In the spirit of handmade goods, we have partnered with Tim Brown Knives to create this gorgeous handmade "Welsbrown" (Welsbro + Tim Brown) Funakyaki knife. YOU GET A WATCH AND A HANDMADE KNIFE! FROM A VERY COOL DUDE. SO COOL.

Also! As per usual, 10% of sales from this watch support Meals on Us in Portland. They provide free daily meals to those in need. YES.